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The Hallmark of Excellence for over 40 Years!

At MVP we are passionate about Horses, Health and Performance! 

From the early 1980’s, MVP’s mission has been to provide high-quality, unique products to address everyday health concerns as well as education to help ensure customers have the knowledge necessary to leverage their horse’s overall health and performance.

As a founding member of the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council), MVP is committed to a standard of excellence and is proud to display the NASC seal of quality on its products.   The NASC seal ensures you are receiving products that meet the NASC’s demanding protocol to provide the highest level of quality and purity.


Give us 60 Days and we will give you a better horse…. Guaranteed!   At MVP, we are motivated by your success.  If you do not experience results within 60 days we will refund your money….100% Customer Satisfaction.....Guaranteed!


Experience the Difference with MVP!