Metabolic Support

Are you struggling to manage a horse that has a cresty neck or is overweight? These are typical signs of a horse who may have a metabolic condition that makes maintaining optimal weight and health difficult, even with proper diet and exercise. Working closely with your veterinarian is important to create an appropriate diet and exercise plan, consider a supplement designed to support healthy metabolism. Equine metabolic supplements contain ingredients like magnesium, chromium, and more to support normal insulin and glucose levels and help your horse achieve a healthy weight..

  • Anti-Carb (Pellets)

    Anti-Carb (Pellets)

    starting at $43.00

      Anti-Carb™ contains chromium and magnesium in a convenient pellet form. It is designed to help support healthy metabolism in horses while promoting healthy blood sugar and glucose tolerance levels. This supplement may also help him maintain...

  • Magnesium 5,000 (Pellets)

    Magnesium 5,000 (Pellets)

    starting at $40.45

      Magnesium 5,000™ pellets support proper muscle function and a healthy nervous system in horses. This essential mineral is required for bone growth, metabolic function and healthy hooves. Magnesium supplementation has been shown to have...

  • Laminex (Pellets)

    Laminex (Pellets)

    starting at $152.00

    Laminex™ provides targeted support for horses with metabolic issues. Concentrated key ingredients (msm, magnesium, biotin, devil's claw) support healthy circulation, a normal inflammatory response, joints and hooves.  After...

  • D-Carb Balance (Pellets)

    D-Carb Balance (Pellets)

    starting at $69.45

    Helps maintain a healthy metabolism D-Carb™ (Balance) is designed to help manage insulin resistance, a condition that is part of Equine Metabolic Syndrome, and frequently associated with obesity. This comprehensive formula supports healthy...

  • Carb-X (Meal)

    Carb-X (Meal)

    starting at $93.45

    Carb-X™ contains an innovative formula which starts with magnesium, chromium and taurine- ingredients demonstrated by research to support healthy blood sugar. Carb-X also includes Siberian Ginseng and grape seed extracts for antioxidant support,...

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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