Discover a diverse range of amazing horse supplements at our store, catering to various needs including allergies, calming, digestion, hoof care, immune support, joint health, performance, and more. Elevate your horse's wellness with products designed for overall health, muscle recovery, skin radiance, and weight management. Explore our MVP SWAG collection for stylish equestrian apparel and accessories. Enhance your equine partner's vitality and ensure peak performance with our quality formulations.

  • Calmex V (Paste)

    Calmex V (Paste)

    starting at $8.95

    Calmex-V paste contains high levels of active ingredients including Valerian Root and Tryptophan, to help support a healthy nervous system.  Excellent for competition, training and trailering. This convenient paste is ideal for...

  • MSM+Ester-C (Pellets)

    MSM+Ester-C (Pellets)


    Buy One Get One Free!!  While Supplies last.  MSM + Ester C is recommended to help support healthy connective tissue, immune response and may help ease discomfort associated with exercise and normal daily activity. MSM is a...

  • Vitamin E 5,000 (Pellets)

    Vitamin E 5,000 (Pellets)

    starting at $40.45

    Vitamin E 5000™ offers an easy and affordable way to meet your horse’s vitamin E needs.  Provides a highly concentrated source of Vitamin E combined with alfalfa meal (highly palatable carrier) to be used as a daily support when higher...

  • Bio-Balance


    starting at $120.90

     Daily CBD Pellets (from Broad Spectrum Hemp)  Plus Magnesium! Calming Joint Support   What is Broad Spectrum Hemp?Broad Spectrum Hemp contains the whole hemp plant including naturally occurring CBD, with THC...

  • Biotin II-22X (Pellets)

    Biotin II-22X (Pellets)

    starting at $60.95

    Biotin II 22X is a pelleted daily supplement that supports normal hoof hydration, moisture retention, and hoof hardness, as well as proper digestion of nutrients. This formula is ideal for all horses, especially those that need support due to a genetic...

  • In-Sync 4

    In-Sync 4

    starting at $81.50

    In-Sync 4 is recommended to help support healthy muscle function, immune system, blood cell (oxygen) production and hair coat. Key ingredients include lysine and methionine for muscle development; thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and...

  • Fido-Flex (Soft Chews)

    Fido-Flex (Soft Chews)

    starting at $39.95

    Fido-Flex H/A™ (soft chews) are designed to support healthy joint growth, and maintain joint comfort and mobility through all the stages of your dog’s life. This formula offers high levels of Glucosamine, MSM®, Hyaluronic Acid and...

  • Apple-Lyte


    starting at $25.55

    Apple-Lyte™ helps promote healthy hydration in your horse by replacing electrolytes lost during daily activities such as urination, sweat, defecation, and respiration. Apple-Lyte™ is a highly palatable apple flavored source...

  • Sand Free (Pellets)

    Sand Free (Pellets)

    starting at $54.50

    Sand-Free™ is an all-natural high-quality psyllium seed husk with added probiotics, often used in areas where sand is present. Absorbs water in the intestines to form a gel-like substance to aid in removal of sand and may help reduce...

  • E-Se-Mag (Pellets)

    E-Se-Mag (Pellets)

    starting at $76.75

    E-SE-MAG™ provides targeted ingredients: Vitamin E, Selenium and Magnesium to support efficient muscle function and manage muscle discomfort associated with exercise. Supporting muscle health is essential to power peak performance and encourage...

  • Pro-Weight (Meal)

    Pro-Weight (Meal)

    starting at $55.55

    Pro-Weight™ (60% Fat) is an effective daily aid which provides dense fat and live, stabilized microbials (probiotics) to support healthy weight gain, body condition, and fuel for performance. Pro-Weight™ contains 60% fat from...

  • Senior Flex H/A (Pellets)

    Senior Flex H/A (Pellets)

    starting at $116.90

    The Original #1 Senior Joint Support Plus H/A!  Senior horse joint support products provide joint support actives (glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Yucca, H/A, etc.) to help support healthy joint function and manage discomfort that comes...

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