Discover a diverse range of amazing horse supplements at our store, catering to various needs including allergies, calming, digestion, hoof care, immune support, joint health, performance, and more. Elevate your horse's wellness with products designed for overall health, muscle recovery, skin radiance, and weight management. Explore our MVP SWAG collection for stylish equestrian apparel and accessories. Enhance your equine partner's vitality and ensure peak performance with our quality formulations.

  • 4-In-1 H/A (Pellets)

    4-In-1 H/A (Pellets)

    starting at $81.30

    4-in-1 H/A is an all-in-one supplement designed for horses in light to moderate work. Formulated to support healthy joints, hooves, coat & digestion in a tasty easy to feed pellet. Joints plus...

  • Matrix 5 H/A (Pellets)

    Matrix 5 H/A (Pellets)

    starting at $111.75

    Matrix 5 H/A provides a comprehensive support formula to help support healthy joint function & promote long term joint health.  Matrix 5 H/A supports optimal joint health and mobility for your horse and is formulated with high...

  • B-Tonic



    B-Tonic™ (Plus Iron) is a rich source of B Vitamins and iron to help support the production of hemoglobin in red blood cells in a palatable oral liquid. Useful to correct stress induced deficiencies, stimulate appetites, and helps...

  • Mystic Mare (Powder)

    Mystic Mare (Powder)

    starting at $31.95

    MYSTIC MARE™ is recommended to support normal hormone levels and a balanced temperament in mares. Pure, dried raspberry leaf, primarily used to help maintain normal hormone levels and help influence a quiet disposition. Helps support smooth...

  • Omegas (Meal)

    Omegas (Meal)

    starting at $60.45

    Omega's ™combines a unique blend of linoleic (Omega-6) and linolenic (Omega-3) fatty acids, sourced from flax seed, wheat germ, soy and coconut oil. Omega's™ key ingredients provide daily support for healthy skin and hair coat,...

  • L-Lysine (Pure)

    L-Lysine (Pure)

    starting at $38.25

    L-Lysine™ is concentrated form of the amino acid Lysine.  Lysine is a critical building block for all protein in the body. It is an amino acid that cannot be created by the body, so it must be obtained by food or supplements. Grains and...

  • DC-Y


    starting at $37.25

    DC-Y™ is designed to support the body's natural response to inflammation. This highly palatable, apple flavored, alfalfa-based pellet supports a normal inflammatory response for horses and helps to ease discomfort associated with...

  • Vitamin E+Se XL (Meal)

    Vitamin E+Se XL (Meal)

    starting at $44.45

    Vitamin E+SE XL™ contains twice the level of selenium and nearly twice the level of vitamin E contained in standard selenium and vitamin E supplements. Vitamin E and Selenium are important antioxidants that work together to support a healthy immune...

  • PurforMSM (Powder)

    PurforMSM (Powder)

    starting at $29.90

    PureforMSM® is 99% patented pure! MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound, which plays an important role in maintaining the health of collagen, cartilage, hooves, hair and joint fluid. MSM is also known for its ability to help...

  • D-Carb Balance (Pellets)

    D-Carb Balance (Pellets)

    starting at $64.90

    Helps maintain a healthy metabolism D-Carb™ (Balance) is designed to help manage insulin resistance, a condition that is part of Equine Metabolic Syndrome, and frequently associated with obesity. This comprehensive formula supports healthy...

  • Laminex (Pellets)

    Laminex (Pellets)

    starting at $148.50

    Laminex™ provides targeted support for horses with metabolic issues. Concentrated key ingredients (msm, magnesium, biotin, devil's claw) support healthy circulation, a normal inflammatory response, joints and hooves.  After...

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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