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Keep your horse’s health and wellness ahead of the game with MVP.

Med Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP) provides superior daily health supplements for performance and prenatal horses. We offer a wide range of comprehensive supplements that have the capacity to aid in your horse’s health before health issues arise. Some of the more common supplements by MVP are for joint support, skin and coat, hoof health, and gastric health, among many more. Find out why MVP is a leader in the equine supplement industry.

  • E-Se-Mag (Pellets)

    E-Se-Mag (Pellets)

    starting at $76.75

    E-SE-MAG™ provides targeted ingredients: Vitamin E, Selenium and Magnesium to support efficient muscle function and manage muscle discomfort associated with exercise. Supporting muscle health is essential to power peak performance and encourage...

  • Re-Inforcer EQ (Pellets)

    Re-Inforcer EQ (Pellets)

    starting at $119.00

    Re-Inforcer EQ™ provides targeted support for joints, tendon and ligaments. This comprehensive formula contains quality key ingredients such as: hydrolyzed collagen, MSM, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. Re-Inforcer EQ also provide...

  • Matrix 5 H/A (Pellets)

    Matrix 5 H/A (Pellets)

    starting at $111.75

    Matrix 5 H/A provides a comprehensive support formula to help support healthy joint function & promote long term joint health.  Matrix 5 H/A supports optimal joint health and mobility for your horse and is formulated with high...

  • Vitamin E+Se XL (Meal)

    Vitamin E+Se XL (Meal)

    starting at $44.45

    Vitamin E+SE XL™ contains twice the level of selenium and nearly twice the level of vitamin E contained in standard selenium and vitamin E supplements. Vitamin E and Selenium are important antioxidants that work together to support a healthy immune...

  • L-Lysine (Pure)

    L-Lysine (Pure)

    starting at $38.25

    L-Lysine™ is concentrated form of the amino acid Lysine.  Lysine is a critical building block for all protein in the body. It is an amino acid that cannot be created by the body, so it must be obtained by food or supplements. Grains and...

  • Senior Flex H/A (Pellets)

    Senior Flex H/A (Pellets)

    starting at $116.90

    The Original #1 Senior Joint Support Plus H/A!  Senior horse joint support products provide joint support actives (glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Yucca, H/A, etc.) to help support healthy joint function and manage discomfort that comes...

  • Senior Flex (Meal)

    Senior Flex (Meal)

    starting at $95.65

    The Original #1 Senior Joint Support!  Senior horse joint support products provide joint support actives (glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Yucca, H/A, etc.) to help support healthy joint function and manage discomfort that comes with...

  • MSM+Ester-C (Pellets)

    MSM+Ester-C (Pellets)


    Buy One Get One Free!!  While Supplies last.  MSM + Ester C is recommended to help support healthy connective tissue, immune response and may help ease discomfort associated with exercise and normal daily activity. MSM is a...

  • PurforMSM (Powder)

    PurforMSM (Powder)

    starting at $29.90

    PureforMSM® is 99% patented pure! MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound, which plays an important role in maintaining the health of collagen, cartilage, hooves, hair and joint fluid. MSM is also known for its ability to help...

  • 4-In-1 H/A (Pellets)

    4-In-1 H/A (Pellets)

    starting at $81.30

    4-in-1 H/A is an all-in-one supplement designed for horses in light to moderate work. Formulated to support healthy joints, hooves, coat & digestion in a tasty easy to feed pellet. Joints plus...

  • DC-Y


    starting at $37.25

    DC-Y™ is designed to support the body's natural response to inflammation. This highly palatable, apple flavored, alfalfa-based pellet supports a normal inflammatory response for horses and helps to ease discomfort associated with...

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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