Tips for Applying for Sponsorship

Be a Customer First

Understand the brand and the products, be able to talk with others about how/why you feel the product(s) work. Make sure you have used the product(s) for a period of time (don't turn in an application if you ordered last weekend).

Be a Good Role Model

You don't have to have a long list of accomplishments, but being a good competitor and role model to your peers speaks volumes!

Your Social Media Presence Matters

You don't need to have 10K+ followers, but keep in mind almost every company is going to take time to look at your accounts - so don't post something you wouldn't want your boss, grandma or potential sponsor to see.

Preparation is Important

Applying for a sponsorship is much like applying for a job.  Take the time to put together some reasons why you'd be a great addition to the team. A resume and references show you are serious about the opportunity.  Sending an informal message via Facebook or Instagram asking if we accept sponsorships tells us you have not taken the time to look over our website, first impressions are lasting!