10 Reasons to Choose Exceed 6-Way

Clinically Researched

Maintaining healthy joints is key to a horse’s performance and helping him move comfortably for years to come. Research shows that providing ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, and MSM may be beneficial in supporting joint health and promoting a natural inflammatory response.

Dr. Chris Bell DVM, Elders Equine Veterinary Service (Winnipeg, CAN) performed a clinical trial in 10 horses with compromised joint health confirmed by radiographs/exam. All horses underwent clinical evaluations at 4 week intervals; 9 out of 10 horses showed improvement after 30 days. Exceed 6-Way’s comprehensive blend helped enhance the body's normal repair of connective tissue, joints and helped ease discomfort from daily exercise, training and competition.

Clinical Trial Study

Veterinarian Recommended

Many veterinarians have first-hand experience with the positive impact Exceed 6-Way™, including Dr. Greg Ford DVM, Performance Horse Specialist out of Houston, Texas.

“After using many supplements over the years, only one has shown superiority both in price, overall client satisfaction, and performance.” says Dr. Greg Ford, DVM.

Cost Effective

Comparisons to other popular equine supplements on the market shows Exceed 6-Way to be one of the most cost effective all-in-one equine supplements on the market. Exceed 6-Way costs $3.25 a day. Many users find it is the only supplement they need for the average performance horse. Exceed 6-Way does not require a loading dose, which means your first month supply will last you 32 days. Plus, it ships free!

Used by Leading Professionals

Exceed 6-Way is used by professionals in all disciplines. Cutters, barrel racers and ropers have found adding Exceed 6-Way in once a horse starts training is beneficial. Stevi Hillman 3x NFR qualifier has all of her horses on Exceed 6-Way.

“I think the best thing I have done for my program is starting horses on Exceed 6-way at a young age”, stated Stevi at the 2018 WPRA Finals.

NASC Approved

The NASC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and raising the standard for animal supplements. When you see the NASC seal, you can trust you are buying from a reputable company who follows manufacturing protocol that meets the NASC's Good Manufacturing Procedures, modeled after the FDA. MVP believes it’s important to know exactly what you are feeding your horse.

Complete Joint Support

Healthy joints are key to a horse’s success. But it is important to recognize the anatomy of a joint includes more than just bone. A joint also consists of tendons, ligaments, bursa’s, synovial membrane and fluid. Ingredients like MSM, hyaluronic acid and collagen may help support the soft tissue which surrounds and stabilize each joint.


Exceed 6-Way provides your horse with support in six key areas at once versus supplementing your horse with six different products. It provides ease and convenience during chore time so you can spend less time in the feed room and doing more of what you love – spending time with your horse!

Healthy from the Inside Out

Digestion and Gastric support are crucial in a horse's overall health. Absorption of nutrients from food and supplements is maximized with the addition of probiotics. The immune system also starts from within the gut. A healthy digestive system may lend support to a strong immune response.

Biotin is Included

Providing your horse with biotin daily helps support a healthy coat, mane, tail and hooves. There is no need to buy extra supplements in hopes of growing a longer mane and tail when you can get what you need in a daily serving of Exceed 6-Way. Vitamin A also plays an important role for healthy skin and hair, Exceed 6-Way provides a substantial level at 30,000 IU’s per serving!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

With a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, MVP allows you time to make sure Exceed 6-Way will work for your horse! While Exceed 6-Way comes as a tasty pellet and is picky-eater approved, MVP understands you may be cautious to try a new supplement if your horse is selective about what they like. There is no risk to trying Exceed 6-Way, if you do not see a difference or for some reason your horse will not eat it, just pick up the phone and give us a call.