5 Things to Know when Shopping for Horse Supplements

Vitamin-rich foods are the best way for your horse to get his necessary daily nutrients; however, a diet of hay and grains might not be enough. Where his diet might miss the mark, an added supplement could help.

Performance horses, as well as senior horses, young foals, and pregnant horses, may benefit from the nutrients various supplements provide. But how do you know which supplements are better for your horse than others? We’ve put together five things to keep in mind as you shop for horse supplements.

1. Determine the Need

Start your search by clarifying why you think your horse needs a supplement and what you’re hoping to accomplish with a supplement. There are many general multi-vitamin supplements available, but if you’re seeking to address a specific need in your horse’s health or performance, a targeted product will probably be a better choice.

Once you’ve identified the issue you want a supplement to address, be sure to consult with your veterinarian to determine if there is an underlying issue or if there are any additional measures you can take to address your horse’s health.

2. Quality Matters

There are many supplements on the market that claim to be high quality and safe. So how do you know which horse supplements are trustworthy? First, look for a company you recognize. Supplements made by established companies that offer education material to both you and veterinarians are generally a better choice.

Next, check out the label. Ingredients should be clearly noted on the label with how much of each active ingredient is being given to your horse per serving. A lot number and expiration date should also be noted on the label. The lot number means that the company has a tracking system in place to ensure product quality. An expiration date shows the company has evaluated product quality over time. The manufacturer’s information should also be clearly listed on the container including a way to contact the company if you have a question.

All of the Med Vet Pharmaceutical (MVP) supplements have the NASC quality seal, which means you can trust you are buying a product from a reputable company who has successfully completed an independent quality audit.

3. Don’t Believe Everything You Read

The products should not include unrealistic claims. Stay away from products using words like “cure” or “prevent.” Testimonials aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but a company with only testimonials and no scientific data to support its claims is less likely to be producing a quality supplement.

4. Do your Research

Every individual supplement is packed with various ingredients meant to aid in helping solve a particular health issue in your horse. Before giving your horse or other animal a supplement, first find out what each ingredient is meant for and if the ingredients are at levels that will make a difference in aiding your horse’s health.

You don’t want to necessarily pick something just because someone you know feeds it to their horses. Look closely at the label and learn about the ingredients and how each product is formulated to help your horse.

5. Cheaper isn’t Always the Best Option

Of course, price is a consideration. You don’t want to strain your budget with spending on supplements, however cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean it is better. This is especially if the cheaper product has red flags such as lack of label information, no clear method to contact the manufacturer or lack of any evidence of quality-control measures.

If your horse is showing signs of minor health issues, or if he needs an extra boost in his diet to improve performance, a supplement may be the way to go. Check out MVP’s entire line up of supplements for your horse. For more information about MVP supplements, contact our team today at 833-809-4848.