5 Tips for Giving Paste to the Picky Horse

Majority of horses love the taste of the MVP pastes, but that doesn’t mean every horse is willing to cooperate. MVP pastes may vary in consistency/texture based on active ingredients and levels of ingredient. Here are some helpful tips to easier administration for the picky horse:

1. Proper Administration

It is important to make sure you are properly administering paste. Securely tie your horse and check his mouth for any hay or feed which may cause him to spit out the paste. Set your tube to the correct dosing amount. Place the syringe tip at a 45-degree angle into the corner of your horse’s mouth, where there are no teeth.

2. Wiggle the Syringe

When administering the dose, wiggle the syringe around the horse’s mouth to stimulate movement and spread the paste across the back of his tongue. Make sure you don’t just deposit a single lump, which he can easily spit out. Raise your horse’s head for a few seconds to encourage him to swallow.

3. Split into Two Doses

Try splitting the dose into two. For example, if it is a 30 ml dose, try providing a 15ml dose, wait briefly to allow your horse time to swallow, then follow up with the second 15ml dose. Adjust amounts accordingly.

4. Keep at Room Temperature

Let paste warm to room temperature for easier application.

5. Train with a Treat Tube

If you still find your horse resisting the syringe, try washing an old dosing syringe and fill with a tasty treat such as honey or applesauce. Practice offering it to your horse regularly to help create a positive routine of it. Then coat the outside of the MVP syringe with the same treat and offer it to your horse. Follow up with the original “treat” tube on occasion so your horse doesn’t pick up on the pattern.