Breathe Easy with MVP’s Respiratory Supplements

Respiratory health is essential to your horse’s performance. Breathing is the process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs. This critical function is often overlooked when it comes to a horse’s overall health and performance. However, when a horse’s ability to properly breathe is disrupted, there is a significant decrease in performance.

It is necessary to take a multi-pronged approach to managing respiratory health. MVP respiratory health supplements can support horses to achieve better performance and help improve overall lung health.

Breathe Easy with MVP's Respiratory Health Supplements

MVP's Breathe’O2™performance paste is an ideal choice for competition day. The formula contains science-based ingredients that help enhance respiratory function during competition by opening and soothing airways. In addition, Breathe' O2™ contains a proprietary blend of several key B vitamins. This allows greater oxygen carrying capacity, providing more energy and accelerated muscle recovery. It is essential for performance horses to maintain proper respiratory function during competition and recover quickly, particularly when making multiple runs per week.

MVP’s Air-Way EQ™is a daily pelleted supplement to support horse’s overall respiratory health and lung function. This formula includes comprehensive ingredient support such as MSM, Spirulina, and NAC for healthy soft tissue throughout the respiratory tract. Air-Way EQ™is formulated to support a normal inflammatory response, which leads to quicker recovery and less oxidative damage after exercise. Citrus Bioflavonoids are important for soft tissue health and maintaining normal blood pressure, which aids in overall lung health. And Hawthorne supports healthy blood vessels and assists the strength and function of capillaries.

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“Earlier this year my newly purchased horse was panting, broke out in hives, lost her hair on the haunches. It was recommended to start her on Air-Way EQ™ to help combat allergies and support a healthy immune response. After one month of Air-Way EQ™, her hives were completely gone, hair has grown back and no more heaving! I highly recommend this product for anyone dealing with seasonal allergies or heaves.” Michael T. from Arkansas

“Air-Way EQ™ has helped my horse’s overall respiratory health, it has been a huge factor in minimizing seasonal allergies. The Breathe’O2™ paste helps him get greater oxygen intake so he can fire harder during runs.” Summer K. from South Dakota

“This spring I could not get my 4-year-old barrel prospect to gain weight! She never seemed to catch her breath no matter what shape she was in. We discovered she had severe allergies and decided to put her on Air-Way EQ™ for overall respiratory health, in addition to her allergy shots. My mare has since put on a healthy weight and breathes much better. Air-Way EQ™ will be a staple in my barn from now on!” Jessica W. from Iowa

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