Experience The Difference with Exceed 6-Way™

Your horse deserves to feel and look their best. We’re here to help.

Exceed 6-Way™ provides your horse complete wellness from head to hoof in one easy scoop. This pelleted formula makes it easy to give your horse a high level joint, hoof, gastric, digestive, muscle, and coat support in an all-in-one supplement, with over 25% savings compared to purchasing individually.

Many horses can benefit from a total wellness approach, no matter their workload or discipline. This formula is clinically researched, 90% of horses showed improvement on the lameness scale in just 30 days. Learn More:  Clinical Trial Study.

Give us 60 Days and we will give you a better horse. Guaranteed.

We understand you may be cautious to try a new supplement. Our Money-Back Guarantee allows you to try Exceed 6-Way™ risk-free. See positive results in 60 days, or you get your money back. It’s that simple.

Real Customers. Real Results.

“I purchased a neglected 3 year old from an old couple in town. I brought him home and put him on Exceed 6-Way™ right away, because my other two horses were on it. The change we saw within 60 days was incredible. He looked like a completely different horse to what we brought home. He filled out and grew, he got his appetite back, and just overall bloomed into a beautiful horse.”
Sharni G. from Red Oak, OK

“I got a mare that needed some serious help. I wasn’t really sure what she was lacking, but knew she needed some help! MVP’s Exceed 6-Way™ is always my go-to, it ensures me that every need is covered!”
Breeanna F. from Hickman, CA

“I started using Exceed 6-Way of recommendations of others after seeing their results. I read up on the product ingredients and was sold by them. It was exactly what I needed! My gelding looks better than ever. His coat is fantastic, his attitude is great, and his eating habits have greatly improved. Plus, the farrier has nothing but good things to say about his hooves. I don't go without it!”
Kameron B. from Fort Myers FL

“Since adding Exceed 6-Way to my horse’s feed, I’ve noticed a shiny coat, weight gain, over all looks better!”
Tracie G. from Oracle, AZ

Give your horse total wellness with Exceed 6-Way™

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