Insure your Horse’s Tomorrow with Eclipse’ PM™

Champions are not made overnight. It takes hard work and sacrifice. Long days, intense training, and countless miles can really take its toll on a horse. EPM certainly isn’t part of the plan and it doesn't have to define your horse's future.

EPM is a disease of the central nervous system and brain that often exhibits neurologic symptoms and is hard to diagnose. Each case is unique; symptoms and severity vary horses. Many horses have been exposed to the organism that causes EPM, but a weakened immune system can cause a horse to become symptomatic.

No one wants to hear an EPM diagnosis, but thankfully there has been significant progress made in veterinary medicine when it comes to understanding and treating EPM. And we're here to help.

Insure your Horse's Tomorrow with Eclipse' PM

Eclipse’ PM™ is recommended to be used in conjunction with FDA approved EPM drug treatments during and up to 120 days post treatment or can be fed as needed/maintenance.

Eclipse’ PM™ takes a multi-level approach by supporting both immune function and neurological health. Formulated with a unique combination of active ingredients, herbals and antioxidants like Natural Vitamin E to help stimulate a natural immune response, support cellular health by reducing oxidative stress to protect body cells and tissue, and support normal neurological (brain/nerve) function.

Real Customers. Real Results.“My horse ‘Booze’ is 60 days into Eclipse’ PM™ and has gained nearly 150 pounds! Not only did he gain his weight back, his coat started to shine again, his eyes lit back up and his topline filled in better than ever before.” Kelsey S. from Cowards, AL

“I noticed my 3 year old gelding was weak, losing muscle, and had significantly less energy. After working closely with a vet, we began treating him for EPM along with Eclipse PM for daily neurological and immune support. He has since gained an incredible amount of muscle mass, feels stronger than ever, and back to his normal energy level. His coat is shiny, he recovers quickly and overall seems less spooky. Despite the stress of training and hauling, he has maintained his condition and continues to get stronger. Eclipse‘ PM™ has provided the necessary support to allow him to progress in his training after EPM treatment." Adeline N. from Norman, OK

“Eclipse‘ PM™ has the perfect combination of ingredients to help support my horse's immune system. I've seen improved muscle tone, hair coats and they just feel better overall. It has always been a challenge trying to figure out if my horses were getting an adequate amount of Vitamin E and Lysine needed to stay strong, grow and maintain a healthy immune system. Eclipse‘ PM™ takes the guesswork out, I won't go without it in my barn." Stassi P. from Bellevue, MI

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