MVP Pastes: A Guide on Performance Pastes

While most supplements support a horse’s needs on a day to day basis, performance pastes can provide additional support during periods of increased work and stress. Keeping your horse hydrated, free of stomach upset, breathing easily and calm will increase your odds of success.

Electro-Cell II: Hydration

2 Dose Tube

Electro-Cell II provides key ingredients (electrolytes, microbials and amino acids) to be used during periods of stress and/or dehydration. In addition to encouraging a horse to drink, electrolytes ensure water is delivered to the cells within the body that need it. Electrolytes are essential for many bodily functions including proper muscle function, digestion and the nervous system. Horses do not store excess electrolytes, this means replenishing electrolyte levels is very important especially during a multiple day event.

When to give:

  • 1-2 Days Prior to Event
  • Daily at the event
  • After the event 1-2 Days

Keep record of how much your horse normally drinks on a daily basis. Your horse will benefit from electrolyte paste any time there is a deviation in water consumption, excessive sweating, and extreme temperature changes.

Gastro-Plex: Gastric and Digestion

2 Dose Tube

Gastro-Plex paste provides support to the stomach and gut during times of stress. Traveling, warming up, and performing can take a toll on a horse’s stomach. The 40cc dose coats and soothes a horse’s stomach which helps suppress the abrasiveness of gastric acid that can cause stomach upset/irritation. Symptoms of gastric upset: nervousness, alley issues, decreased performance, and/or going off feed while traveling.

When to give:

  • Prior to hauling
  • During extended periods of stalling
  • 1-2 hours before competing
  • Horse is reluctant to eat/drink
  • With antibiotics

If you experience a significant difference in your horse after administering Gastro-Plex paste, consider putting them on a daily support product such as Gastro-Plex pellets which provides high levels of active ingredients to help restore natural microbial balance and support normal gut function. Proper stomach and gut function help promote overall health and performance in horses.

Breathe’O2: Respiratory Support and Muscle Recovery

2 Dose Tube

Proper respiratory function during a run and quick muscle recovery after is essential for performance horses, especially when making multiple runs per week. Breathe’ O2 not only helps soothe the airway, it helps support red blood cell production which provides energy and aids in muscle recovery.

When to give:

  • 30-60 mins before competition
  • 30 mins post competition
  • During the week to help reduce coughing

Horses with respiratory issues may benefit from Air-Way EQ pellets daily to help support the immune system and normal lung function. Always be sure to consult a veterinarian if you suspect your horse could be suffering from EIPH (bleeding). Breathe’O2 is a great paste to consider for horses challenged with tight or sore muscles post run. MVP’s In-Sync is a daily pellet for horses needing additional muscle support.

Calmex-V: Calming

1 Dose Tube

Calmex-V is designed to help a horse relax and be able to focus on the task at hand. Calmex-V can also help level out horses that get worked up at the trailer, overly excited in the warm-up pen, or spooky at new arenas. This paste is a great option for a young/nervous horse needing to get their confidence built up. Calmex-V contains high levels of Magnesium, a unique blend of herbs and taurine to help balance emotions and behavior.

When to give:

  • 30 minutes before saddling
  • Before loading/hauling an anxious horse
  • At shows if horse is anxious in stall
  • Before shoeing

If possible, it is best to provide Calmex-V prior to exposing the horse to stressors. For alley issues, it is recommended to try Gastro-Plex paste prior to Calmex-V to rule out if the nerves are stemmed from gastric upset.

Edge 180 : Calming/Gastric

2 Dose Tube

Edge 180 is designed to aid horses who have developed anxiety as well as suffer from gastric upset. Horses that respond well to Calmex-V or Gasto-Plex are great candidates for Edge 180 if the horse still needs additional calmness. Edge 180 works to support healthy gut function with many ingredients found in the Gastro-Plex paste, as well as ingredients such as Valerian Root and Thiamine found in Calmex-V paste to help support balanced behavior. Edge 180 also includes high quality CBD (from Broad Spectrum Hemp) to help promote mental alertness and relaxation without drowsiness.

When to give:

  • 1 - 2 hours prior to competition
  • Before loading or hauling an excessively anxious horse

Some horses are not only anxious at a show, but also during the week at home. If this is the case for your horse, daily CBD found in MVP’s Bio-Balance is a great option. Bio-Balance contains CBD (from Broad Spectrum Hemp) to support a healthy nervous system, balanced behavior, mental alertness and relaxation (without drowsiness). Bio-Balance also helps to support a natural inflammatory response to help aid in discomfort associated with daily exercise and activity.