​When to use a Muscle Supplement

Your horse’s muscle health is an important part of their overall physical health. Muscles are responsible for a horse’s movement, posture, joint stability, and performance. A combination of proper nutrition and exercise are essential to your horse’s muscle health and allowing them to be able to perform to their full potential.

If you find yourself wondering when to use a muscle supplement, we've broken down the common categories of horses that can benefit:

Growing Horses
Muscle protein synthesis is fastest during growth, thus high levels of amino acids are required for proper muscle development. Growth can be impaired/stunted if their protein intake is inadequate. Amino acids are an important piece of the puzzle to help set your prospects up for success and overall health for years to come.

Performance Horses
Your horse’s muscles powers their performance. And for performance horses, muscle breakdown occurs at a rapid rate due to the level and frequency of workouts, resulting in muscle aches and soreness. Essential Amino Acids including the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCAs) can help expedite the recovery process and help maintain optimal muscle mass at a cellular level.

Muscle Conditions
Horses with muscle health concerns require a combination of dietary and exercise management practices to help manage the condition. Daily exercise is often crucial along with fine-tuning the diet with low nonstructural carbohydrates and active ingredients to support muscle function. Active ingredients such as Magnesium, Vitamin E, Selenium and DMG are considered an important standard of care when it comes to any muscle health concerns.

Improving a Top Line
A horse’s top line is made up of muscles that support the horse’s spine from neck to hind quarters. An ideal topline would have the back, loin and croup full and well rounded, the topline muscles appear well developed and blend smoothly into his ribs. Essential Amino Acids including Lysine, Methionine, Threonine, and BCAAs play a huge role in developing the horse’s overall topline.

MVP Muscle Health Supplements

MVP proudly offers a variety of muscle health supplements that range in providing support for muscle function, recovery, body condition, and more. View our full muscle health selection  here

A common question we get asked is when to use Amino 15X™versus In-Sync®. The answer typically depends on each individual horse and their specific needs and current diet.

Amino 15X™ is MVP’s newest muscle health supplement developed to provide the benefits of amino acids and BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids). Amino 15X™ offers 15,000 mg of Amino Acids per serving and is recommended to help support overall muscle function, development, and recovery. It is also recommended to help maintain optimal body condition and a healthy top line. Amino 15X™ is a very palatable powder that can be fed alone or added to your current supplement regimen, including In-Sync™. Amino 15X™ can be easily paired with In-Sync™ if you are looking to provide a more complete/higher level amino acid profile to your horse’s diet.

In-Sync® is MVP’s tried and true muscle health supplement recommended to support healthy muscle function, immune support, blood cell production and a healthy hair coat. In-Sync® includes Amino Acids such as Lysine and Methionine, plus offers the muscle health benefits of cornerstone active ingredients like Magnesium, Natural Vitamin E, Selenium and DMG. These key ingredients are considered an important standard of care when it comes to any muscle health related issues. If your horse has a history of muscle concerns or may benefit from added immune support, In-Sync® pellets would be the best suited option for your horse.

If you need help deciding which muscle health supplement is the right fit for your horse, we are here to help. Our advisors are experts in equine supplementation and we dedicated to the overall health and wellness of your horse. Call us today at 833-809-4848.