Horse Allergies

Supplements to help Manage Equine Allergies

Horses are susceptible to allergies just as humans are. An allergy is an “overreaction” from the immune system to a substance, which is referred to as an allergen. When a horse’s body sees an allergen as harmful, the immune response becomes hypersensitive. Allergic reactions are fairly common among horses and can be caused by a wide variety of substances, ranging from things they touch, inhale, or eat. When your equine suffers from an allergy, it primarily affects the skin, such as itching or hives but can also affect respiratory health leading to difficulty in breathing, particularly while they are running. 

Benefits to Managing Horse Allergies


Horses with healthy respiratory function, free from allergies are more likely to perform better.

Promotes Energy and Vitality

A horse that breathes better has healthy energy levels and a fit countenance that can help him run and be healthy with minimal hindrances.


Preventing horse allergies can help your equine breathe better, be more comfortable and have a more relaxed disposition.

Better Respiratory Health

By breathing better, horses can enjoy enhanced respiratory function, which optimizes their overall health and performance.

Clinical Signs of Horse Allergies

Allergic reactions in horses can be chronic and frustrating. Here are a few ways to know if your horse is suffering from an allergic reaction. 

  • Excessive coughing
  • Watery eyes
  • Itching
  • Hair loss
  • Hives
  • Snotty nose

Managing Equine Allergies Becomes Easier with MVP’s Top Recommendations!

MVP provides you with supplements that can help manage any irritation from horse allergies and support natural and healthy respiratory function. 

Air-Way EQTM (Pellets)

Air-Way EQTM   is a versatile blend of ingredients and nutrition that helps support healthy breathing and clear airways for stimulating a natural immune response to allergies. 

  • Ideal cellular and respiratory response.
  • Immune support for seasonal allergies.
  • Supports Lung/Soft Tissue (EIPH).

Natural E 5,000™

Natural E 5,000™ can be used as daily support for the immune system. It is a highly concentrated natural Vitamin E pellet that helps in neutralizing free radicals, the terribly damaging by-products of cellular activity. It is an ideal way to help antioxidant protection for all equine ages and classes. 

Vitamin E 5,000™

Vitamin E 5,000™ provides a highly concentrated source of Vitamin E, offering a simple and affordable way to meet your horse’s Vitamin E needs. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and works closely with selenium to help relieve the body from oxidative stress. 



Ester-C® is a readily absorbed form of Vitamin C, acting as a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress, supports collagen synthesis, and promotes a healthy immune system. This patented ascorbate complex compound containing calcium carbonate is naturally processed in purified water without any use of acetone solvents and alcohol. 

Vital Nutrients That Can Help Alleviate Horse Allergies

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Take care of your equine friend’s allergies with supplements from Med Vet Pharmaceuticals.