Horse Digestive Health

Equine Digestive Supplements to Support Gut Health

Horse Digestive Health Supplements for a Healthy Gut

The importance of digestive health in horses is a crucial aspect of your horse's overall health and performance.  A horse's digestive tract acts as a barometer for their well-being and is a sensitive balance to maintain. Simply put, a healthy gut equates to a healthy horse. An unhealthy gut can result in various gastric health issues that ultimately can affect the performance and well-being of your equine companion.

Benefits of Improved Horse Digestive Health

Boosts Nutrient Absorption

Improved horse digestive health supports nutrient absorption, helping to maintain a healthy gut.

Strengthens Immune System

Promotes a healthy immune system, protecting your horse from more serious health conditions.

Supports Balanced Behavior

Improved equine digestive health supports normal/balanced behavior, as digestive issues can result in irritability, anxiousness, or unfocused behavior.

Improved Well-Being

Improved overall well-being, resulting in a happier and healthier horse.

Explore Our Range of Supplements for Improving Your Horse’s Digestive Health!


GASTRO-PLEX™ is a veterinarian-recommended solution for maintaining healthy digestive function in horses. The solution contains key ingredients such as antioxidants, probiotics, and herbals, which support the healthy functioning of the stomach and soft tissues.

Additionally, GASTRO-PLEX™ includes Levucell SC*, a powerful yeast clinically researched to help reduce the risk of colic and digestive disorders by promoting the health of hindgut.



GASTRO-PLEX™ Paste is an excellent choice for use during periods of stress - Horse shows, hauling, and competition.  Before you try yet another calming paste, try Gastro-Plex paste! Nerves and anxious behavior can stem from gastric upset or the increased gastric acid produced during periods of stress. A calming supplement will not take care of the problem if the underlying issue is gastric upset.  The key ingredients in this comprehensive formula include gelatin and amino acids to help soothe and support the stomach lining against the abrasiveness of gastric acid. 


Tips for Improving Your Horse’s Digestive Health

Grass hay should be available 24/7 to allow horses to graze continually and consume forage naturally, a little at a time. This helps to keep a constant stream of saliva, which helps to neutralize/buffer stomach acid, promoting better horse digestive health. Consider other sources such as Rice Bran or add alfalfa to the diet to help buffer stomach acid. Horses undergoing rigorous training, hauling, & long periods of stalling are at a higher risk for digestive health issues. Identify stress triggers and provide hay whenever possible.


With concentrated levels of four (4) key ingredients, PROBIOTIC EQ™ is the perfect solution to support healthy gut/digestive integrity and immune support. Our natural horse digestive health solution, featuring Active Dry Yeast, Direct-Fed Microbials, Beta-Glucans, and D-Mannose (MOS) prebiotics, promotes healthy digestion and immune function. Stabilizes digestive flora and supports good bacteria growth while reducing digestive upset caused by excess sugar in the hindgut. 



Our Sand-Free™ solution, made with all-natural Psyllium and Direct Fed Microbials (probiotics), helps prevent digestive impaction by forming a gel-like substance that absorbs water in the intestines and aids in the removal of sand.


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